Football Fifa Rankings Generated Live With Team Profiles and Charts


Being a football player, coach or fun means a lot that just the ball in the pitch. One fascinating thing is how FIFA does its ranking of teams worldly. The logic behind it looks very simple, but when you come down on it and try to figure out what exactly happens, it becomes complicated and therefore you will require some inner knowledge. Some time back someone was really confused, wondering why a certain team was ranked above some powerful teams. The team profile may necessarily not affect the ranking.

The points that a team earns during any match is calculated in a four-year period. If a team participate in any world football, and wins, it gains points which puts it at a better position in the world ranking. Unless you understand some factors that are usually considered, FIFA football rankings will remain to be a mystery to you. For any point to count, the match should be fully recognized by FIFA. Did you know that points are rewarded for the results and how important the match is, then multiplied by the strength and the confederation of the opposition?

Obviously, you understand that for a win, a team earns three points, a draw is rewarded by one point and a defeat gives zero points. Those facts are well known by almost everyone. But this only can’t rank a team, am sure lots of collision could occur and getting the right Fifa rankings ( be a problem.

A team’s total numbers of points over a period of four years (was eight before it was reduced to four) is determined by adding the average number of points gained from the past twelve months matches and the average number of points gained from matches older than twelve months, which depreciates yearly.

Using the factors mentioned above, a formula is used to bring them together to determine the points.

P (points), M (match won, draw or defeat), I (importance of the match, from friendly to FIFA world cup) T (strength of opposing team) and C (Strength of confederation). When determining the strength of opposing team, the top team of the FIFA world rankings is always assigned two hundred points and any team ranked one hundred and fifty and below is awarded fifty points.

If you are that kind of person who is wired traditionally and always think ranking is done based on the team’s profile and players, then you need to adjust.


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